Sing with a jazz trio and beautiful


Our open mic Vocals at Vortex usually takes place on the first Sunday of the month at the

Vortex Jazz Club

11  Gillet Square London N16 8AZ

Check out  for maps and directions. Entrance is £10

  Doors open at 7.00. If you would like to sing it's best to arrive at that time so that you can get your name on the list which Romy Summers looks after. Unless you have a very well known standard in mind please bring three copies of the music in a way that will lay out flat on music stands (so not in a book with lots of page turns). Three pages are fine, four at a pinch. The first set begins at 7.30pm.

Here's a clip from the Angela Carrington Award Showcase which captures the atmosphere of the Vortex. It features the 2010 winner Rachel O'Reilly

 I have the pleasure of playing the Steinway grand usually supported be Jerome Davies on bass and Cheryl Alleyne on drums (and occasional vocals). 

 Brian Brian Shaw started "vocals @ vortex " in 2001 and was about to end the run in summer 2007. I enjoyed playing there so much that I asked if I could take it over. Romy Summers continues to host the evening with her usual charm (and diplomacy).


                                                                       Brian Shaw